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Demitri's Journal

5 October 1969
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40 yrs old.
Straight (but not narrow) White Male.
6'4" tall, brown eyes and hair
Muscular build

This is my sexual & adults only journal.
This is my journal I try to avoid viewing while at work because many of you have naughty icons, photos and even backgrounds on your journals that I really enjoy but I try to avoid viewing at work so as not to offending my co-workers.

If you want to know more ask. I'm pretty open about my life but this journal isn't something I'm going to be telling my family about. They don't need to know about my sex life and I don't want to offend anyone, especially those I care about.

I also like to know about my friends. If you add me and don't tell me anything about who you are, don't expect me to add you back.

My LJ name I took from Greece. I'm active in the SCA and it blends with my Roman/Celtic warband. www.corvuswarband.com
Demitrius-(Greek)-Lover of the Earth
Talos-(Greek)-Giant Protector of Minos Island

I find a spiritual sanctuary with the planet's beauty as well as within ourselves.